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Erica Ryan | Founder

Erica Ryan | Founder

Founder Story

When inspiration is strong enough, it can force you to do things and create things you never thought you could. The owner and founder of Apostrophe, Erica Ryan is living proof of this philosophy.  After purchasing her first home at a mere age of 26, she couldn't wait to roll up her sleeves and get dirty. 


Tear things down, break the mold, and make it hers. She had a vision - and given that owning a home and having to fill it is expensive, she took it upon herself to find unique, creative and resourceful ways to find potential, and make her house a home. From this, Apostrophe was born.

Erica by trade, is a Graphic Designer, managing the look and feel of brand creative everyday. But her outlet for creating handmade things sparked the day she closed on her home.

"We bought our 1940’s bungalow in a small transitioning neighborhood of Charlotte, NC. Ever since that moment, my inspiration for authentic originals and breathing life into the broken was sparked. Now, I’m not talking antiques here (though I am fond of them). I’m talking about feeling. That feeling that you get when you walk into a room. When you touch the cold metal or feel the creaky floors beneath your feet. To me, it’s all about feeling.

You see we live on the side of town where most don’t see the potential. But to us, it was the perfect place to call home. Besides being within our budget it had charm and character with undeniable authentic craftsmanship. And there was this thing we got the first time we saw it. You know… that thing being, feeling.

The first time we stepped through the doors that cold November night we just knew it was perfect. Original hardwood flooring with all the cracks and crevasses, large baseboards that bowed ever so slightly, ten foot ceilings and lots of large windows. Let me tell you, this was not a ‘fixer upper’ by any means but the place needed a pulse.

For one, I wanted to bring it back to its former glory days and not modernize it. Having an updated electrical panel and correct plumbing throughout was about as modern as I wanted to make it. The previous owners had done a great job but added those modern touches that I didn’t see fit. I wanted to fill this place with a light and bright color palette, furniture and décor from its era and of course, unique and hand crafted tokens to make this place ours."  

Erica hopes to one day partner with contractors and flippers to help in the selection and design process of flipping & renovating homes. Claiming to be Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper's biggest fan, she also hopes to frequent the new Market in High Point, NC for additional local inspiration. Claiming space's and capitalizing on each home's uniqueness is key to making a house a home.


Don't be shy! Reach out with any questions you may have and let the possibilities begin!

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