Transforming A Donut.

Okay so I know what your thinking. Donut Pops? Cronuts? Not quite.

Apostrophe has an awesome opportunity to help transform its first commercial food space from the inside out! We're working with a local client that has bought half of a building in the Arts District of Charlotte and plans on opening a donut shop in Spring of 2016! We could not be more excited to work with their team for interior design selections, environmental branding strategy and rebranding the exterior facade. 

Its quite the undertaking to go from a rundown, old brick and mortar shop to... you guessed it, giving this place a pulse. After addressing the leaky roof, finalizing a floorplan that will work for the bakers and the guests, choosing the paint colors for the walls & ceiling, and trying to solve the 'natural light' issue with almost no exterior wall windows - we are well on our way!  

We've suggested to hang mirrors along the entrance wall to reflect any natural light from the front of the building where the sun rises. We've discussed going with reclaimed wood and cement elements paired with a classic industrial flair to keep the space light and airy and make the most of its natural building elements. Though unconventional for a donut shop, the main brand color is Cobalt blue so instead of running from it - we've decided to Own It!

Being that it's an open floorplan, we're painting the ceiling Cobalt to help with any grease from the back of the house. We're then painting the walls bright white to help lighten up the space and keep to a more monochromatic look against the gray cement floors. We're hoping to have a reclaimed bar built with cement counters and chalkboard menus above.

Be sure to keep checking back for updates and more images!




The suggestion was to bring the brand to life on the inside by using the Joe's Dough's cobalt to paint the ceilings with. It's a bold move but it sure brings this bakery to life with a twist of an industrial touch.

This awkward window space made for the perfect spot for a custom 12' spanning bar.

This awkward window space made for the perfect spot for a custom 12' spanning bar.

The custom counter being installed, walls are prepped for paint and the equipment was being installed.



The new exterior.

The new exterior.

Counter with floating chalkboard menu above.

Reclaimed wood and metal wrapped bar with cement countertops.

Finished bar area overlooking the outdoor seating.

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