Reimagined and Rust-ored

Isn't it so interesting to find items that inspire you. You can't really put your finger on it regarding a direct reason. However, sometimes you see things or find things and it spawns that itch of creativity. 

Reimagined: One day I was sifting through a second hand shop and stumbled across this crusty, old, splintering beauty. I wasn't quite sure what it was at first but the lady working said, "I think it's an old chicken coup door". I was so excited and instantly said, "I'll take it"! I hate to break it to you but I do not have an overwhelming affinity for chickens or anything but I do have an obsession for blending wood and metal elements. There is something about the marriage of warm wood tones juxtaposed to cold, hard metal. I'm big on leaving things the way they were left. Sometimes, things need a fresh coat of paint but when you're trying to repurpose items and reimagine them as something else, I prefer their natural state. (of course once they're cleaned off!).

Rust-sore The Door: This baby was not light. I'd say it weights about 40 pounds which for a door, is quite hefty. When I shoved this thing into the back of my Corolla and pulled into the driveway, my fiance looked at me like I had 10 heads. "What is that hunk of junk? And where do you think you're putting it"!? I calmly replied, "This hunk of amazingness is an old chicken coup door, and I'm going to make this beauty into a hanging wall garden"! 

My fiance, Tim, always supports my creative side and appreciates my love for using, fixing and reshaping old things. But with this one, he just couldn't see it. 

The moral of the story is, follow your vision. Sometimes people don't see what you see, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a shot and try to bring that vision to life. That is the whole point to claiming your space. If you put confidence, and authority into your space, everything will have a purpose.

And I must say, I love my wall garden.

Check it out here and comment below with your thoughts!

Hung with to wall with wall anchors. Galvanized tins are hung with twine and S hooks. 

Hung with to wall with wall anchors. Galvanized tins are hung with twine and S hooks.